Fresh-picked tree fruit

Cruellas Sweetfruits are specialized in the stone fruit production and conservation. We are looking for a singular product different from the others producers. We want to ensure our clients enjoy fresh-picked tree fruit.

After many years of experience we have observed that clients don´t find the same fruit quality, regarding to taste. The secret of having fruit always with identical properties lies in the elaboration process:

We always follow some field strategies to get refined taste fruit.


As to the training and pruning of our trees it is delicately studied that our fruits are always in the sun. Also it is very important that tree branches are all in the same inclination and direction. Fruits are exposed to the sun the maximum hours in this way. So they have high sugar levels.


Regarding to the trees feeding, an important factor to get an exquisite fruit are the NPK, but it is the potassium which led to improve appearance and color and boots its taste. Fertilizers used by Cruellas Sweeffruits are under strict control over farmland for years. We follow a potash-based fertilizers chlorine-free planning getting that trees absorb nutrients efficiently. And through their roots carry the best components in order to get quality in the final fruit, the best and the most exquisite in the market.


Cruellas Sweetfruits is carrying out market research and select its varieties to bring the final consumer exquisite fruits to taste. INNOVATION is our motto and our clear trajectory that we have mapped out.

Transportation and Conservation

The secret to enjoy fresh-picked tree fruit is its transport and conservation. Fruits do not stay more than three hours in the land after being collected in our farm. We have managed to collect each fruit in its optimal maturation point transporting it in less than three hours from its collect to our conservation and handling central point. Once in our central, we proceeded to cool down the fruit quickly not to lose its quality and hardness.

Our Project aims to bring the fresh-picked fruit in the shortest time possible to the end consumer. Also, we ensure that our fruits will not be damaged or degraded from its collect to the final consumer tasting. Exquisite quality fruit as a consequence.

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