Our history...

We are just four generations sharing the same passion, fruit. It was our great-grandfather called Francisco Cruellas L. who was born in 1898, who start up this great adventure. He had worked the land, the cereal fields when he had the idea of planting peach trees in our Fraga´s vegetable garden in the bank of the Cinca River. At that time, our great-grandfather had taken special care of the entire plantation and waited for the fruit´s maximum sweetness and flavor. Once collected, he put them in wicker baskets and brought them to the market in order to sell them. With the outbreak of the Spanish civil war in 1936, Franciso Larroya L. was forced to move from Fraga to Cubells, a Lleida´s town in where he and his wife and his two sons settled down during four years. So far from Fraga, he had some attractive job offers because of his strong complexion but his great love for his native town and his work land led him to return as soon as possible.

Next generation, his son, Francisco Cruellas C., who was born in 1926 was an open minded man with a clever view for the future. Able to see the trends and make wise and fair decisions, he followed faithful to those ideas about care and work land that his own father had transmitted him long time ago. With much effort and hard work, he was able to spread out and update the working through the next generation, Francisco Cruellas G., my father.

Francisco Cruellas G. y Francisco Cruellas T. third and fourth family´s generation, carry on growing and upgrading the family-run business. We just do it using new irrigation systems, plantations and plant varieties. Always respecting the initially transmitted ideas, careful fields and harvested fruit at their optimum point of sugar, color and ripeness as our great-grandfather did in the early 20th century.

We have decided to launch our own fruit onto the national and international market since several years. We have just reached European countries sharing the same illusion and strength that the man who decided to set up this enterprise at that time. All the experience gained with effort and hard work from generation to generation, we can say that “Fruit is our passion”.

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Our products...

Aim for a healthy diet through effort. Improving competitiveness and reliance over end users. Fruit quality with low phytosanitary residue levels complying with the European requirements demanded. Naturally Cruellas Sweetfruits has its own Global G.A.P. European Certificate.

We are a growing company that looking for loyal clients and increase the sales volume.


We want to offer a different product from the others, higher quality, high range. Taking care of every production process from our final product to the finest detail, production, handling, packing and preservation.

Quality of Fruit

Our fruit is treated with quality products which contains high calcium content (10% like CaO) made of lignosulfonates and polyhydroxycarboxylic acids, fostered by ACT2 phytostrengthener elicitor (vitamin K compound soluble). Both products activate the plant´s self-defenses through an increase of the plant tissues´ calcium absorption.

Calcium is both a plant quality factor (especially fruits) and an important biological processes trigger. This characteristic makes that its use significantly reduced the damages to crops, certain physiopathies related to this item (Bitter-pit, cracking, fruits softening, apical rottenness, tip-burn).

Harvest maximum sugar

This product helps us to increase the fruit´s calcium, therefore we can collect in the tree in their maximum sugar and maturity levels because it has more calcium than the standard fruit, improving their quality for the final consumer in that way.

Maximum coloration 100%

Achieved with extreme care using manual pruning, efficient water-management and fertile strategies with a wide range experience manufacturing high quality fruit.

Hardness and Size

Calicitor helps us to gain the fruit in its tree for longer getting more sweetness and size in the final product.


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